Next 36 Startup Correly Squired By Ottawa-Based GenM


Next 36 Startup Correly Squired By Ottawa-Based GenM

Toronto-based startup Correly (Next 36, 2019), which provides a platform that streamlines product demos, has been acquired by Ottawa-based GenM. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Correly’s platform allows companies to browse and click with customers on the same screen, and calculate how engaged customers were during the demo, to see what works. Correly can also connect to other tools like Hubspot and Zoom.

GenM offers free courses and digital marketing apprenticeships for students. While students get valuable marketing experience, small businesses can work with students to form a small marketing team as they scale. In June, GenM was a finalist in AccelerateOTT’s pitchfest.

Co-founder Etai Mizrahi told BetaKit that Correly creates a virtual workspace unlike traditional video conferencing, allowing two people to co-browse and click through on a page at the same time.

“Correly was the right technology for GenM because it will give any business owner on GenM the ability to connect with their apprentice online, regardless of where they are in the world,” Mizrahi said.