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Donate to help launch a nation of ambitious entrepreneurs and build a more prosperous Canada.

NEXT Canada is on a mission to launch two thousand entrepreneurs and create $5Billion in economic impact. Your generous support will go towards giving Canadian entrepreneurs and NEXT Canada the means necessary to:


  • Create a more competitive Canada with more headquarters, jobs and funding;
  • Attract and keep the next generation of Canadian talent in Canada;
  • Realize the potential of Canada’s greatest moonshots, like AI, with more commercialization opportunities; and
  • Continue to grow Canada’s strongest entrepreneurial network so we can make it impossible for the next generation of entrepreneurs to fail.


NEXT is proud to offer a variety of ways to support. You can support our organization by making a:

One-Time Gift

Support NEXT Canada by making a one-time donation via our website.

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Monthly Gift

Become a NEXT Canada monthly supporter. Sign up today to start your monthly contribution to NEXT Canada. Due to bank fees, associated with monthly contributions, a minimum donation amount of $10 a month has been set.

Please note: Recurring monthly donations are processed on the 1st day of each month. If the initial donation is made between the 1st and the 10th day of a month, the first recurring donation will be scheduled for the 1st day of the following month. If the initial donation is made after the 10th day of any month, the first recurring donation will be scheduled for the 1st day of the second following month.

If you would like to discuss customizing a payment schedule with the NEXT Canada Advancement Team, please email us at [email protected]

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Gift in Honour

Celebrate a milestone in the life of someone you care about by making a commemorative gift to NEXT Canada.

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Support Pledged Over a Period of Time

Become a supporter of NEXT Canada by making a pledged commitment over an extended and defined period of time. 

You can choose the amount, duration and donation schedule that is comfortable for you. To set up your pledge agreement today, please contact the Development Department at [email protected]

Offline Gifts

If you prefer to make an offline donation, you can support NEXT Canada’s work by donating by mail or wire transfer.

Please note: NEXT Canada requires that all offline donations are accompanied by a signed and completed gift form in order to provide a tax receipt for the contribution.

Donate by Mail

Print and complete this donation form and mail it with your cheque or credit card billing information to:

NEXT Canada
Attention: Advancement Department
1800 (18th Floor) – 175 Bloor Street East
South Building
Toronto, ON M4W 3R8

Donate by Wire Transfer or EFT

Please complete this donation form and email it to [email protected] or mail this information to:

NEXT Canada
Attention: Advancement Department
1800 (18th Floor) – 175 Bloor Street East
South Building
Toronto, ON M4W 3R8

Gifts from USA

Are you located in the United States? NEXT Canada has partnered with Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) to enable U.S residents to support NEXT Canada and receive a U.S tax receipt. Online donations can be made here.

Gift of Stock

A gift of stock to NEXT Canada can bring about a tax credit greater than the value of your original investment. You can donate a gift of stock during your lifetime or through a bequest. 

Here’s an example of what you can potentially gain by donating a gift of stock.

Several years ago, Jane Doe bought 100 shares of a publicly-traded company originally valued at $100 each. Jane owns $10,000 in stock. Fast forward five years and Jane’s stock has an appreciated value of $50,000. Jane plans to cash out her investment, and pay as little tax as possible. Jane also knows that a charitable contribution can lower her taxes, and could support NEXT Canada. 

Here is a comparison of the two options available to Jane:

By donating shares directly, Jane can get a larger tax credit and give more to NEXT Canada.

To make a Gift of Stock to NEXT Canada, please speak with your broker or financial advisor and fill out the attached form. For more information, please contact the Advancement Department at [email protected]. Your inquiry and any information exchanged will be kept confidential. 

Download a Gift of Stock Donation form here.

Please note that these are general figures for illustrative purposes only and this assumes a 46% marginal tax rate. For calculating capital gains tax, this rate is applied to 50% of the capital gain.