Founded in 2020, GRIT is NEXT Canada’s quarterly digital magazine to raise awareness for the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem. We want to inspire more Canadians to support the startup industry and build their businesses through sharing stories.


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Game Changers

Summer 2024  |  Edition 14


This edition of GRIT celebrates the connection between sports and entrepreneurship, emphasizing how both disciplines share a common ground of determination, teamwork, and a never-ending pursuit of excellence.


The issue aims to inspire readers by highlighting the determination, creativity, and adaptability of sports entrepreneurs who have conquered challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieved extraordinary success.


We will introduce you to ventures who are a part of the world of sports, as well as those whose sporting background or methodology informs their management style.


Through in-depth interviews, feature articles, and expert analyses, readers will gain valuable insights into the strategies, leadership qualities, and risk-taking mentality that drive entrepreneurial success in the sports arena.

GRIT Ed. 13

The Big Picture

Winter 2024  |  Edition 13


In this edition of GRIT, we explore the profound intersection of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. We shine a light on how innovative solutions are addressing urgent global challenges in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This issue includes profiles of distinguished alumni actively contributing to these development goals.


We are also pleased to feature an in-depth interview with world renowned photographer, Edward Burtynsky. Burtynsky challenges us to think about the Big Picture and to look at these problems as opportunities for human intervention.


Join us in acknowledging these members of the NEXT Canada community who are reshaping the landscape (literally and figuratively), demonstrating that profitability and positive societal change can coexist.

GRIT Ed. 13

Hometown Heroes

Sept 2023  |  Edition 12


In the heart of Canada’s small communities, there are hidden gems – dedicated individuals and ventures that profoundly influence their hometowns. This issue of GRIT magazine celebrates “Hometown Heroes,” who through unwavering commitment, innovative ideas, and deep community ties, have left an enduring mark on their beloved places.


These heroes are more than entrepreneurs; they are champions of change. They pour their passion into ventures that impact lives. What distinguishes them is dedication, innovation, and a genuine connection with their communities.


Their dedication is unwavering, their innovation trailblazing, and their personal ties foster trust. They’ve not only transformed lives but also lifted community spirits. Join us in exploring their inspiring stories of resilience and community impact.

GRIT Ed. 12

5G, Web3, NFTs, & Other Things We Really Should Know About

May 2023  |  Edition 11


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, entrepreneurs are at the forefront, harnessing the power of new technologies like 5G, Web3, and NFTs. These advancements are not merely trend-following phenomena but transformative elements that redefine how businesses operate, providing unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.


The 11th issue of GRIT, titled “5G, Web3, NFTs, & Other Things We REALLY Should Know About,” delves into these breakthrough technologies and their implications on the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem. Through real-life stories from NEXT Canada alumni, we uncover how these cutting-edge technologies are being leveraged, offering entrepreneurs a road map to navigate this dynamic digital terrain.

GRIT Ed. 11 | 5G, Web3, NFTs...

The Second Act

December 2022  |  Edition 10


Whether it is generating another source of income, building a legacy, or simply scratching the ever-present entrepreneurial itch, many first-time entrepreneurs build a second, a third or multiple ventures. Whatever the psychology behind it, by the Second Act, these resilient individuals have already learned valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and are not hesitant to apply them to their next venture, sometimes tailoring their experiences to fit their new business(es).


In this issue of GRIT, we explore the mentality behind ‘serial entrepreneurship’, the lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs who went on to start a second venture after the success of their first, and the passion they bring to each new idea.

The Second Act

Family Matters

August 2022  |  Edition 09


 The standard industry advice has always been, “Don’t do business with family.” But what relentless entrepreneur listens to industry advice? This edition of GRIT gives our readers a candid perspective on how family dynamics impact our alumni, their ventures and our leadership volunteers.


“Family Matters” highlights entrepreneurial stories that uniquely illustrate the definition of family when it comes to entrepreneurship, how the path of one’s venture can create a new kind of family, legacies, determination, business mindsets passed down, and all of the complexities inherent.

GRIT Ed. 9 | Family Matters

The Relentless Pursuit

April 2022  |  Edition 08


If you ask most NEXT Canada alumni – they would be able to tell you the exact moment they first heard Reza Satchu re-assert the definition of entrepreneurship as “The relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” It’s a profound moment of critical importance on the NEXT journey for so many of our program participants and alumni alike.


“The Relentless Pursuit” is the eighth edition of #GRIT. In this issue we’re sharing stories of NEXT Canada alumni and business leaders who are navigating uncertainty, creating opportunities with scarce resources and overcoming incredible challenges to achieve what might seem impossible.

GRIT Ed. 8 | The Relentless Pursuit

Your Next Move

January 2022  |  Edition 07


While it may not seem like it on the surface, chess grandmasters and entrepreneurs have things in common. Both require a vision for the future, an understanding of the competitive landscape, a plan to reach their goal, and a commitment to achieving it.


In both business and chess, your position and its evaluation usually change a few times. With 9 million possible positions and just three openings, we look to the future to strategize and play the board, so what’s your NEXT move?

GRIT ED. 7 Your Next Move

Brain Drain vs Brain Gain

September 2021  |  Edition 06


Brain drain and brain gain has been a topic of conversation for many years. In Canada, we have a great education system which has enabled us to attract young talent and develop them into future leaders. The challenge Canada has faced over the years is, how do we retain the talent that we’ve nurtured?

GRIT - Ed.06

Oh Canada

June 2021  |  Edition 05


Recently, it feels like there’s a new headline every week that showcases how the Canadian tech industry is thriving. With a record-breaking number of Canadian ventures announcing IPOs this year, an influx of VC funding, and global tech companies building new headquarters in Canada; there’s no denying that Canada’s time to shine is now.


This pan-Canadian edition of GRIT takes you from coast to coast, sharing stories from some of our alumni who are changing the landscape of the Canadian economy through their work in industries including mining, autonomous trucking, agriculture, and beyond.

GRIT - Ed.05

The Digitization Shock

February 2021  |  Edition 04


Without a doubt, COVID-19 has disrupted our world as we know it. For this edition of GRIT, we’re exploring how the pandemic has driven a rapid migration to digital technologies and what that means for Canadian entrepreneurship.


Shifting consumer behaviours, unpredictable demand and a huge spike in remote working have accelerated digital adoption and innovation at an unprecedented rate. We take a deep-dive into three distinct behavioural changes —how we save, learn and work — and the approaches taken by entrepreneurs and business leaders alike to adapt.

GRIT - Ed.04

#theNEXTclass: Class Of 2020

October 2020  |  Edition 03


Over the last 6 months in the midst of a pandemic, a lot of economic uncertainty, and a global movement for much needed social change our 80+ entrepreneurs kept going, kept building, kept fighting for change. And despite a rapid move to virtual program delivery, our class of 2020 is resoundingly one of our strongest yet, maintaining momentum behind solutions that will help us accelerate our road to recovery. 


So, this issue is dedicated to celebrating the ever-resilient class of 2020. We take a look into the ventures being built by our most promising leaders; we chat with founders who are shooting for the moon with solutions to global challenges; we get technical with some of our founders who are using tech to make a positive impact on society or the world; and we talk to friends and colleagues, turned co-founders. All that, and more!


#NEXT10: Built with Purpose

May 2020  |  Edition 02


There’s no better time than now to celebrate the good. Luckily for us, our NEXT alumni make that easy to do. Everyday, their ambitions, resilience and ingenuity power the solutions that make our world a better place to be a part of, all while contributing to a better Canadian economy.


This edition of GRIT features ten of our alumni who are redefining what it means to be a social impact venture and paving the way for more purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Plus, some bonus content from our community who continues to persevere (and even thrive) amidst great uncertainty. 

Quarterly Publication - Ed. 02

Introducing GRIT: A NEXT Canada Publication

February 2020  |  Edition 01


The year 2020 just so happens to coincide with the tenth anniversary of NEXT Canada. That’s an entire decade of ambitious, awe-inspiring and passionate entrepreneurs. With all of the accomplishments of the last decade, it’s time we look to the next 10 and not only celebrate our entrepreneurs, but shine a light on the work still to be done – the problems that need solving and the opportunities to stimulate even more growth.


With GRIT, it’s our goal to share stories of inspiration, learning, failure and success. To inspire even more Canadians to build their own businesses or help support our budding startup ecosystem.

Quarterly Publication - Ed. 01

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