Jean-Francois Denault

Jean-Francois Denault

Consultant, Impacts.Ca


I have been working with innovators and entrepreneurs in life sciences as a professional consultant for over fifteen years. Through the years, I have worked with over 40 different clients in life sciences (including larger companies such as J&J, Denka Seiken and Chemo Group). My clients are located all over the world, as I have completed projects with clients in over 25 different countries.

I specialize in the life sciences market. As such, I have completed projects related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, nutraceuticals and healthcare. Most of my recent projects have been in the market research, marketing strategy and competitive intelligence space.

I have a graduate degree in Management Consulting, an executive MBA and graduate degree in organisational communication. Finally, I am a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Journal of Brand Strategy and the Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing. I have written a half-dozen articles for various publications, and I am the author of two books, the “Handbook of Marketing Strategy” and the “Handbook of Market Research for Life Sciences”, which were published by Taylor and Francis.