How N36’er Ron Glozman Turned a University AI Experiment into an Insurance Industry Disruptor


How N36'Er Ron Glozman Turned A University AI Experiment Into An Insurance Industry Disruptor

While studying for his double degree at University of Waterloo and Laurier University, Next 36 alumnus Ron Glozman would’ve given anything to split himself in two so he could tackle both course loads at once. Instead, the computer science and business major came up with a more realistic solution – he taught a computer to turn his thousand-page textbooks into one-page chapter summaries.

“I did the math and I’m like, look a textbook is at least 1,000 pages and the final exam is maybe 10 or 20… so (that’s) one percent, what do I do with the other 99 per cent?” says the founder of Chisel AI, which provides AI-based solutions for the insurance industry. “I ended up building that solution over a period of four and a half months.”

At first, he kept it for himself like some secret superpower. But it raised eyebrows. His friends in class started prying, they wanted to know how he was acing his courses despite not coming to class.

“I told them I have this app where I can take any textbook, tell it what chapters are on the midterm or on the final exam, and it’s just going to give me a summary of those chapters,” he says. The secret was out, they wanted access. So he threw it on the app store. The first day it got 185 downloads. “Every friend or acquaintance I knew was like, let me download this.”