Florian Mesny

Florian Mesny

Founder & CEO, Moonrakers.co


Florian is the founder & CEO of Moonrakers.co, an Advisory firm dedicated in working with pre-seed to series A Startups worldwide as well as corporates covering Traveltech, Hospitality, Foodtech & Mobility.

Priori to moving to Canada Florian held the position of MD for all international lines of Ouibus (now Blablabus). Since arriving in Montreal, Florian has been working with Bonjour Startup Montréal and is a mentor for various startups belonging to ecosystem players such as Mtlab & Zù incubators.

Before founding his own company, Florian helped ignite Station F’s foodtech incubator Shakeupfactory & was partner for 33entrepreneurs.co, a French startup accelerator dedicated in Food, Travel & Wine.

Prior to shifting into the VC and acceleration ecosystem, Florian spent over 15 years in EMEA roles within innovative and disruptive travel companies, mainly acting as VP Travel EMEA within Groupon & MD Spain for Voyageprive.com, and being the Head of global revenue management positions within Booking.com & Majestic Hotel Group. Florian holds an MBA from Cornell University & ESSEC Business School.