Collision Conference 2022 Guide: Our Staff Picks


Collision Conference 2022 Guide: Our Staff Picks

ALYANA SATCHU June 17, 2022

Collision Conference, one of North America’s biggest tech conferences, is quickly approaching.

Over 600 speakers, including tech CEO Michelle Zatlyn and actress Lupita Nyong’o, will be taking the stage to share their insights on creating and running a technology venture. Learn how to network, lead a generation and build a successful team by attending this year’s Collision Conference.

If you are having trouble deciding which of the many events are right for you, here is a list of NEXT Canada’s top staff recommendations:

Jewels MacPherson-Zorro

NEXT Canada’s Creative and Content Manager is planning on perfecting her social media skills with content creator Brandon Baum and CEO of Lightricks Zeev Farbman at their talk on designing the tricks of the trade of social media content. Jewels is also looking forward to learning more about how to create conscious content from civil rights advocate and Podcaster DeRay McKesson. 

Kaleigh Donnelly

Our Alumni Engagement Manager is excited to catch up with some very impressive NEXT Canada alumni at Collision. With 900+ entrepreneurs launching over 400 ventures, Kaleigh is looking forward to seeing some of the NEXT Canada alumni like Mike Murchison’s talks on what it means to be founder-friendly, and how to adapt to an AI-first world. Kaleigh is also excited about 2012 Next 36 alum Hussein Fazal’s talk: Using US$100 million in funding to empower an overlooked population.

Mischa Hamara

As NEXT Canada’s Programs Consultant, Mischa is most anticipating being in the audience of chess Grandmaster, Gary Kasparov, as he takes on ten chess opponents, all at the same time! Although the relationship was discussed in our 7th Edition GRIT Magazine, we are looking forward to further bridging the gap between chess, entrepreneurship, and tech by learning from a master player. Mischa is also excited to learn about how to recruit top talent during a time of global resignation, where recruitment is at its lowest point. Joanna Phillips and Ahmad Ghulami will provide attendees with some tips on how to build a dream team with equity compensation

Fletcher McLaughlin

This summer we are lucky to have Fletcher join the team as our Programs intern. He is very interested in entrepreneurship and has the opportunity to connect with our current cohort members as they navigate through their time at NEXT Canada. Fletcher is looking forward to learning more about the intersection between technology and human life. You can find him in Robert Playter’s Robots for the Real World, and Patrick Nathan’s talk on how close we are to making eVTOLs real.

Some of our other amazing alumni will be speaking at Collision. A wide variety of entrepreneurs will discuss how what they have learned through their journeys in creating businesses has influenced their entrepreneurial and personal success. Here is a list of our incredible alumni and ventures who will be speaking at the Conference, and that the NEXT team hopes you will check out:


Come find us at these events at this year’s Collision Conference! We would love to meet you and hear about how your experience at the conference is going. Feel free to directly message us on Instagram at @NEXT_Canada and let us know if we missed any events that you are especially excited about! Can’t wait to see you all there.