Thiago Caires


Mr. Caires grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he first began his studies of electrical engineering. At the young age of 18, Mr. Caires moved to Toronto Canada, where his fervour and passion for robotics and the human anatomy led him to pursue an academic career of automation and robotics at Centennial College. He continued his education at Ryerson University, where he was recognized and approbated innumerable times for his accomplishments, and received abounding awards during his undergraduate for his work in pneumatic artificial muscle actuators,

and brain-controlled interfaces. These awards included: the Ontario
engineering Social awareness award; and first place for the Canadian engineering competition
award, reflecting Mr. Caires’ assiduity in his many endeavours.
Indeed in 2011, Mr. Caires co-founded Bionik Laboratories, with one of his university colleagues
and friend. He undertook the position of CTO, and co-inventor of all technologies and patents
under Bionik Laboratories. Coeval with excelling in his positions, Mr. Caires helped raise over
20 million US dollars, and took Bionik (BNKL) public in 2015. In addition, Mr. Caires planned
and executed the development of Bionik’s flagship product, and led an engineering team of over
15 engineers and developers. Today, Bionik retains over 5 products approved by the FDA, sells
products in over 10 countries, and finished its first acquisition in Q1 2016. At Bionik
Laboratories, Mr. Caires was able to augment his knowledge on both the sectors of business
and engineering, which serves as superlative experience for his pursuit and vision with MATR
Performance. Currently Mr. Caires works as the CEO of MATR performance which focus on
developing computer vision technologies in the motion capture space that are portable and use
artificial intelligence to improve rehabilitation.