GRIT Ed. 8 | Josh Domingues


For The Good Of The Planet.

GRIT Ed. 8 The Relentless Pursuit

Pg. 10 | Feature article on Josh Domingues, CEO & Founder of Flashfood

Next Founders, 2018

GRIT Ed. 8 | The Relentless Pursuit


Flashfood’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of food waste while feeding families affordably. “I would say, myself and, more importantly, our team is relentless in being the best in the world pursuing that mission.” But when Flashfood first launched its food rescue concept in 2016, the average North American wasn’t aware of this idea.

“I thought we would get there, and I still think we’ll get there. We haven’t yet, and it hasn’t been easy.” Says Josh,

It won’t be easy going forward, but the journey is the fun part. Accomplishing something of this magnitude takes a village, and Flashfood is building a powerful one as they continue to scale across North America.

According to the National Zero Waste Council’s research on household food waste in Canada, almost 2.2 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year, costing Canadians over $17 billion.

Since its launch, Flashfood’s competition has grown in the U.S. and Canada, which in turn has helped familiarize more consumers and businesses with the practice of food redistribution.

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