Federal COVID-19 Support Programs Demystified By a NEXT Insider


Federal COVID-19 Support Programs Demystified By a NEXT Insider

An AMA with Parvinder Sachdeva, Deputy Director of Policy to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry;
Next 36 Alumni – Inaugural Cohort (2011)

Moderated by Melinda Jacobs, Head of Wealth Management and Capital Markets, Borealis AI (RBC Institute for Research) at Borealis AI;
Next 36 Alumna (2012)

Date: May 15, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM 

This interactive session featuring two seasoned Next 36 alumni will give you an opportunity to learn how to navigate the alphabet soup of federal support programs and how you can leverage them to support your venture. It will also highlight how an entrepreneur can have an impact on the country from inside the Government of Canada and how the NEXT experience translates across industries and sectors – including the public sector.

Act One

CERB, CEWS, CEBA, BCAP, IAP, etc. – navigating government initiatives can be overwhelming and confusing. Learn the strategy behind the support programs, how to qualify and how maximize the benefit to your venture. Parvinder will share his insights from being directly involved in the crafting of these policies and programs inside the federal government.

Act Two

Hear the story of a graduate of the first cohort of Next 36 and how Parvinder’s experience allowed him to bring an entrepreneurial lens to his role in the federal government. Before COVID-19 turned our world upside down, Parvinder also was also involved with the Global Skills and Startup Visa Programs designed to increase Canadian competitiveness through innovation. You will hear discussion on the trends the government is seeing as the result of the current crisis and where opportunity lies in the future. Lets have a forward looking conversation about what needs to happen to revive the Canadian economy and create prosperity for all Canadians.