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We are on a mission to create a nation of bold and ambitious entrepreneurs. That goes beyond our own programs where we seek to accelerate the growth trajectory of promising entrepreneurs and help them create the next game changing venture with education, mentorship and funding.


Our mission is about shining a light on ALL of the bold and ambitious entrepreneurs doing the hard work to advance our ecosystem. Tune in as we talk to those on the front lines – they’ll share their stories of grit, determination, failure and success. Our hope is that you will feel inspired to follow in their footsteps or support them in their ambitious goals.

Introducing GRIT: A NEXT Canada Publication

Quarterly Publication - Ed. 01

The year 2020 just so happens to coincide with the tenth anniversary of NEXT Canada. That’s an entire decade of ambitious, awe-inspiring and passionate entrepreneurs. With all of the accomplishments of the last decade, it’s time we look to the next 10 and not only celebrate our entrepreneurs, but shine a light on the work still to be done – the problems that need solving and the opportunities to stimulate even more growth.


With GRIT, it’s our goal to share stories of inspiration, learning, failure and success. To inspire even more Canadians to build their own businesses or help support our budding startup ecosystem.

Alumni in the News