Erica Berlin

Erica Berlin is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices to hospitals around the world. Early in her career as a Sales Director, she grew a healthcare business from $5 - $20 million in less than 18 months, resulting in the sale of that business to her largest competitor. After spending 6 months working as an advisor for both businesses during the transition, she branched out and founded her own business in the medical field, Amico Patient Care. Erica is interested in angel investment and acting as an advisor to start-ups in Toronto. Her skill set lies in business development, multi-channel marketing and distribution. Although her experience is in the healthcare field, she is interested in any industry.  Erica is highly interested in getting actively involved with the founder/CEO to assist in everything from hiring talent, business development coaching, operations and sales, and helping advise the CEO on how to monetize their business.