Why Invest in NEXT Canada?

You believe that young Canadians have the talent to excel globally. You believe that entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy. You want to create big impact. Let’s work together.


Our Vision

NEXT Canada’s mission is to increase national prosperity by providing an ecosystem to support the country’s most exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators.We believe that harnessing the potential of big thinking Canadians is key to success on a global stage.

What We Do

Next 36 transforms exceptional students into high impact entrepreneurs. Each year, we choose 36 young Canadian innovators and challenge them to build a new business venture. Over seven months, they are mentored by Canada's top business leaders, taught by some of the world's best faculty, and work to earn funding from venture capitalists.

Next Founders, our second program, is designed for young founders looking to scale their technology ventures. Over three months, founders learn from acclaimed professors, build relationships with an extraordinary community of business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors and learn to develop innovative solutions that they can quickly take to market.

Your Investment at Work

Support from our donors is the lifeblood of NEXT Canada work. Your support allows us to provide a transformative experience to Canada's most promising young people empowering them to create brighter futures for themselves and Canada.

In its first six years, NEXT Canada has provided 290 aspiring youth with the resources, mentorship, and education to build and scale 90+ ventures in key industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, and education.

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A Community of Donors

Over 444 individuals and organizations have graciously donated to NEXT Canada. Since the organization's inception, over 800 new jobs have been created by our alumni.

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