Rick Casson

University of Saskatchewan, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, 2018

Rick has always had a passion for the design and development of technology. From a very young age, (much to his parents’ dismay) he loved taking things apart just to learn and understand how they worked. These skills would later become much more practical when he started helping service and run the equipment on the family farm, as well as when he started helping his father construct homebuilt aircraft. Rick continues to help out on the family farm and is now licensed to fly the airplanes he helped his father build. 

Rick is in his final year for both mechanical engineering and computer science at the University of Saskatchewan. Over his university career, he has been heavily involved in extracurricular activities including coordinating a college-wide science and engineering exhibition, founding an RC aero design team, and participating in numerous engineering and public speaking competitions.

While not busy with academics, Rick helps run a small technology company with his father. Their latest technology project was a more affordable and user-friendly crop yield and moisture monitoring system. This technology is now being used by dozens of farmers across Saskatchewan.

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