WonJune Tai

Computational Biology and Computer Science, University of Toronto 2017

WonJune is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto pursuing a Computational Biology and Computer Science double degree. Three words best describe his interests: people, products and data. In 2014, he was selected to be a fellow at TNBT (an incubator cofounded by Ryan Holmes), where he built Sprout, a connected food production system that enables anyone to grow food at home. Last year, WonJune was nudged by one of the Next 36’s mentors, Ben Zifkin, to intern as an engineer at Hubba where he led the development of a recommendation engine to help users discover relevant products and people. He currently works at a clinical data science lab at The Hospital for Sick Children, applying machine-learning techniques to the prediction of drug response in cancer. 

During his free time, he has been prototyping Fluint, a bot that uses natural language processing to help moderate comments in high-load live streaming events.