Ingrid Grozavu

Molecular Genetics and Neuroscience, University of Toronto 2016

Ingrid recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics and Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. In her final year, she took a capstone course in Biomedical Engineering, where she worked on improving the workflow of the surgical staff in the operating room. After completing the course, Ingrid decided to take the project forward and co-founded a startup with the goal of improving surgical team dynamics in a way that enhances patient safety while reducing operating room spending. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Ingrid is also pursuing her Master's degree in Biochemistry at U of T, where she is engineering a novel method to detect interactions between proteins. 

When Ingrid is not doing lab work or developing her startup's strategy plans, Ingrid likes to divide her time between watching basketball (go Raptors!), reading and practicing her photography skills.