Lauren Watkins

Business, Simon Fraser University, 2014

Lauren is a mover and shaker, passionate about social entrepreneurship and taking action to make a positive change in other’s lives. She was the Project Manager of the Enactus SFU initative, Banner Bags, which teaches high school textiles students how to make reusable bags out of used street banners. As project manager, she led a team of 10 to create the first Beyond the Bag Showcase where aspiring fashion students created clothing items out of used banner material and displayed them at a showcase where they received scholarship money and mentorship opportunities. Her love of working with people and writing led her to an internship in the public relations department of Canucks Sports and Entertainment where she wrote for their game magazine and liaised with external media partners. Lauren has a fascination with different cultures and spent six weeks backpacking around South America and later took a year long internship working for a five star hotel in Guangzhou, China.  Lauren continues to pursue her interest in Asian culture and language by participating in a language exchange with a Chinese student twice a week.