Sami Dalati

Electrical Engineering, Ryerson University, 2015

Sami Dalati is set on bringing human-centric and transformative ideas to life. He has built up a decade of valuable technical experience working with technologies such as gesture recognition, web & multimedia, aerial drones, and cloud computing. His work has been the winner of the prestigious Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award as well as various categories in the Ryerson Engineering Competition. Driven by opportunities, Sami always places himself where he can experience the sharpest learning curves. His challenge-accepted attitude has led him to take on invaluable opportunities at a number of disruptive tech startups after moving to Canada on his own in 2005. This passion for entrepreneurial impact and deriving change led him to be named the Scott Griffin Entrepreneur of the year. Sami studied Computer Science, completed a college diploma in Computer Engineering, and is a Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University, where he was the president of the Electronics Club. When he is not tackling challenges, he can be found indulging in his extensive Lego collection.