Jonathan Yam

Engineering Science, Aerospace, University of Toronto, 2014

Jonathan is an aerospace engineer with an Honours BASc in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto and is passionate about pushing frontiers to redefine the possible, with a strong drive to succeed. Jonathan made an impact in technology through his research at Harvard where he contributed to the development of a novel microfluidic biosensor. During his next summer at MIT, he coordinated testing operations and collaborated with a team to develop high-efficiency nanoscale space optics leading to work published in 2 journal papers and a technology soon to be launched among the stars. Jonathan also led a modeling and simulation project for a new aircraft at Bombardier and recommended design changes that resulted in improved flight stability. Jonathan has a keen interest for taking on complex challenges. His entrepreneurial mindset helped him and his teammate win the Rotman Commerce 2012 Case Competition with the unique solution developed, which was presented to Tridel’s executive board. He has also worked as a volunteer consultant and led the team’s analytics initiative to advise a non-profit firm of strategies to maximize their market penetration. Jonathan has a black belt in karate and plays piano at the ARCT level. When not embarking on adventures, he enjoys learning about finance and exploring the culinary world.