Jack Gao

Computer Science, Business, University of Waterloo, 2015

Jack Gao is a 4th year computer science and business double degree undergraduate from the University of Waterloo. Jack believes now is an interesting time - for the first time in history, there are robust ways to prototype rapidly, and scale globally. This presents a unique opportunity to bring world-changing ideas to life.

Jack previously founded VIPER, a personal recommendation engine targeted for small eCommerce portals, and tl;dr, a service to make reading news easier by doing language processing on news articles. Jack has done internships at Google, Palantir and Microsoft, as well as The Next 36's very own Glimpse. In addition to his entrepreneurial experiences, Jack is a licensed pilot, flying the sleek Diamond DA-20 Katana aircrafts during his free time.

Armed with determination, creativity and knowledge, Jack seeks to make a positive impact in the world through his ventures.

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