Cheng Zhao

Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2014

Cheng is set on bringing innovative solutions to the world. With extensive technical and research background, coupled with innate business acumen, he has proven to be a leader and invaluable on any team. He is currently a master’s student in computer science at the University of Toronto, doing research in machine learning applied to biology. Cheng’s academic and research excellence earned him a NSERC graduate scholarship. He has previously done research work in Ulm University in Germany, National Research Council, and University of Toronto. He completed his bachelor in Engineering Science at University of Toronto as well. He previously completed IBM's elite internship program Extreme Blue, where he contributed significantly to a new social media analytics product, which he pitched and demoed to the CEO and senior executives. For his work, he was awarded the Industrial NSERC award. Cheng also worked as a software engineer and has extensive experience in software development on a variety of platforms and languages. He has won momentary awards in in various programming competitions, and participated in different hackathons. In his free time, he likes to travel, explore the outdoors, play poker, or take MOOCs.