Alice Liang

Biophysics, University of British Columbia, 2014

Alice graduated with a BSc. in Honours Biophysics from the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about user-driven product development and entrepreneurship. She loves to mobilize high performing cross-functional teams to turn ideas into realities. She actively seeks out new challenges and interesting problems to solve. Her multidisciplinary background and diverse work experiences enables her to thrive as a bridge between engineering, research, design and business development. She has worked in a Fortune 14 company, academia, government research agencies and several startups. Her research work in medical physics, funded by NSERC scholarships, resulted in a first author journal publication and numerous conference presentations. Her work in bioinformatics with a focus on data mining and algorithms development contributed towards global initiatives on understanding cancer genomics. She currently leads Vancouver’s Health Technology Forum, an organization that accelerates health technology development through connecting entrepreneurs with healthcare professionals. She developed medical imaging software solutions at McKesson, and worked in mobile health product development at Vodafone xone – a research and incubation centre in Silicon Valley for the world’s largest multinational mobile operator. There she conducted product management across a multi- national R&D team and performed technical and business due diligence for Vodafone venture investments.