Sepand Norouzi

Software Engineering, McGill University, 2013

Sepand has been passionate about technology since his first interaction with a computer at the age of 4. However, it was not until entering McGill University that he discovered his true calling: entrepreneurship. By enrolling in the Technological Entrepreneurship minor offered by the faculties of Engineering and Management, he was able to join his two passions. He has continuously worked to promote entrepreneurship by challenging the status quo and received the recognition of his faculty through awards and scholarships for his academic merits and innovative concepts. His involvement with the McGill Entrepreneurs’ Society and Engineering Investment Group has allowed him to give back to the student community while honing his spirit for innovation. Sepand is driven by his goal of leading impactful change in society and the belief that true innovation is not learned in the classroom, but rather in the hallways. Outside of school, he is an athletic training enthusiast and self-taught pianist who loves to travel and gain new perspectives. In addition to recently diving into his first venture, Sepand has worked as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting.