Healthcare is a sector with incredible opportunities. SeamlessMD was co-founded by Joshua Liu, a med student from University of Toronto, Philip Chen, an engineering science student from University of Toronto and Willie Kwok, a computer science student from UBC. SeamlessMD is a mobile platform that reduces hospital readmissions by monitoring and advising post-operative patients. Patients leave the hospital with an application they can load onto any mobile device. It reminds them to track early signs of complications and submit photos. Data is analyzed using a system designed by medical experts, which flags concerning symptoms and immediately notifies the patient and/or the hospital with a recommended next step. SeamlessMD is currently piloting at various hospitals and health networks. They are solving a $27 billion problem.

Philip Chen

Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2013

Joshua Liu

Medicine, University of Toronto, 2013

Willie Kwok

Computer Science, Microbiology, Immunology, University of British Columbia, 2013