Rafal Dittwald

Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2012

Rafal is an alumnus of the second cohort of The Next 36, where he started Penyo Pal and won The Satchu Prize. He is currently bootstrapping Lean Pixel and acts as a technical advisor to The Next 36. Prior to The Next 36, Rafal studied Engineering Science at the University of Toronto and consulted as a software developer. He also founded HackerAcademy, an organization focused on sharpening the skills of up-and-coming developers.

His crazy goal is to make an order-of-magnitude improvement to K-12 education. He spends a lot of time thinking about cognitive models (UX, data visualization, instructional design, game design, and machine learning) and organizational behaviour (software, business and product development methods, game theory, and microeconomics).

Penyo Pal