Layan Kutob

Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, 2013

Layan is currently a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co., a world leading management-consulting firm. Originally from Jordan, she has competed as a member of Jordan's national karate team and is an international award winner for her invention of a unit to decrease the pollution caused by residential chimneys. Layan is a graduate of the Next36, Canada's largest entrepreneurship and leadership development program. With her thirst for knowledge, curiosity and keen interest in solving problems, she's co-founded the You're Next Career Network, a professional development hub that connects students with industry professionals, and has been the President of Nspire Innovation Network, a non-profit dedicated to building the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in the business and technology space.

Layan has a strong commitment to community and is passionate about creating an impact on people’s lives. She currently sits on the University of Toronto Alumni Association’s Nomination Committee, Nspire Innovation Network’s Board of Directors, Venture for Canada’s Advisory Board, and the Next 36 Alumni Board.

Layan has her Master of Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Toronto, and is the holder of numerous awards for excellence in leadership and academics, including University of Toronto’s Cressy Award.