Jade Proulx

Food Chemistry, McGill University, 2012

Jade Proulx recently obtained her BSc. in Food Chemistry from McGill University. In 2011, she was awarded the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Prize. In 2012, Jade was the recipient of the McGill Eliza M. Jones Award. As part of the McGill IR Group, she conducted academic research about novel whey protein applications. Jade has also gained extensive industry experience, developing new quantitative analysis methods for proprietary salt enhancer formulations. As the McGill Food Science Association President in 2011-2012, Jade was committed to increasing her dicipline’s global visibility. She organized the first-ever Gastronomy & Science Symposium, which featured world-class guest speakers from France, Canada, and the United States. Jade is now further developing her entrepreneurial skills in the hope of bringing changes to the food industry.