Emilie Cushman

Business & Strategy, University of Windsor, 2012

Raised in Tecumseh, Ontario, Emilie has amassed experience in leadership and project management having led a team of over one hundred students as the President of Enactus Windsor. Emilie led the Enactus Windsor team to three regional victories having been the driving force in a dozen Windsor based projects. These include a microfinance venture program reaching hundreds of high school students, a business-consulting program for Canadian newcomers on social assistance and a social enterprise clinic providing refugees with legal, medical and social work services otherwise inaccessible. As a recent graduate of the Odette School of Business, Emilie has been nationally recognized as a promising entrepreneur and leader, having being named the HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow and one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2012. Her interests range from golf and skiing, to classical piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music having been a past music instructor for over five years.