Draco Li

Commerce, Queen's University, 2012

Draco Li is an entrepreneur and self-taught programmer with a degree in Commerce from Queen’s University. Two years ago, Draco co-founded DayOnBay, a financial blog for students interested in finance. Since then, DayOnBay has attracted thousands of students from universities across Canada. Last year, Draco founded Draken Solutions, a creative mobile and web development company, and had successfully led the development of two large-scale iOS applications. Draken Solutions’ first iOS application, Pocket Database for SC2, has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times from all around the world. Last summer, Draco worked at the early stage mobile startup, Envirolytics, where he collaborated with two other engineers to develop iViro, an award winning home energy analysis tool. Draco’s other hobbies include filming and travelling.