Philippe Vennes

Finance, Bishop's University, 2011

Philippe Vennes, a 22 year old student from Quebec City, is currently studying finance at Bishop’s University and is expecting to graduate in May 2011. He is currently the chairman of the SEED Portfolio, a student-run equity portfolio worth approximately $430,000. Philippe is also the current leader of the SIFE*Bishop’s team, a team comprised of 21 highly diversified, dedicated and motivated individuals. He has so far this year alone supervised the development of 13 different projects while coordinating 2 of his own. Last year, Philippe was also one of the two leaders who worked to implement a public rental bike system – like BIXI in Montreal – on the Bishop’s University campus. In addition this year, he is involved in the I.C.B.C case competition, the GIRC challenge, and University’s Business Help Center. Some of golf, soccer, and listen to music while relaxing. Finally, Philippe is currently considering going for a M.Sc degree in Finance as he would like to expand his knowledge and expertise on the subject before entering the workforce.