Daniel Gottesman

Electrical Engineering, McGill University, 2011

Daniel Gottesman is currently completing his studies in Honours Electrical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. With a solid health science background, he has always had a keen interest in the intersection between medicine and technology. A recipient of the NSERC Undergraduate Research Award, Daniel was able to pursue his interest in medical technologies through work in the Neural Prosthetic Lab at McGill University. Awarded both the Teradyne Inc. and Hatch scholarships in Engineering, Daniel continues to excel in his studies. Daniel has also been involved with Engineers Without Borders, specifically with youth outreach, and helped launch a program addressing the high school dropout rate. When he is not debugging code or studying differential equations, Daniel can be found in the wilderness or planning his next trip. An outdoor enthusiast, Daniel enjoys leading youth camping trips, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and biking as well as learning and gaining life experience through travel.