Aidan Nulman

Arts & Sciences, University of Toronto, 2012

Aidan is a partner and cofounder of Isle of Code, a product & technology studio working with funded startups & major institutions. Prior, Aidan was the cofounder and lead developer of Fleetbit, a white-label mobile app platform for taxi companies. Fleetbit interfaces with live dispatch technology for over 2,000 taxis across North America.

In his spare time, Aidan enjoys experimenting with bleeding edge technology to enable new forms of collaboration. To this end, he has recently published a fork of libgit2—a linkable library for git’s core methods—that uses a Kyoto Tycoon database to replace the library’s traditional filesystem storage strategies as an experiment in sharing a core data set across disparate projects.

Before he started building technology products, Aidan trained as a digital marketer and worked on several projects with Seth Godin (NYT Bestselling author) and Andy Sernovitz (founder, Word of Mouth Marketing Association).