Farrukh Jadoon

Dataspine Inc.

Farrukh is a co-founder, CEO and Chief Architect at Dataspine. He graduated from Duke University with a degree in Computer Science, with research concentrations in Machine Learning systems, IoT and large scale data infrastructure. Farrukh has experience building petabyte scale, real-time analytics infrastructure with the likes of Red Hat, Duke, WHO; and advises various startups and nonprofits on their data and AI strategy. During undergrad, Farrukh was involved with founding teams of hackathons at Duke (the largest hackathon in mid-Atlantic), CalTech and at various universities across the US. While in high school, Farrukh was involved in environmental engineering research at Stanford, where he contributed towards development of a novel waste water treatment technology and developed new biodiesel strains using the Jatropha plant