Elahe Ghalebi


Elahe Ghalebi graduated with a master's degree in Computer Engineering Department from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) in 2012. Elahe is currently a Ph.D student in the Cyber-physical Systems Group, supervised by Prof. Radu Grosu, Institute of Computer Engineering, Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), Vienna, Austria. Her main area of interests are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Non-parametric Bayesian Models, and Dynamic Network Inference. In addition to her research experience, she has also some teaching experience as a teaching assistant in various courses at SUT and TU Wien. Moreover, she has worked as a data analyst in the department of Information Systems at Mahan Air, the largest airline in Iran, for three years. She believes that her strong interest in Artificial Intelligence together with her programming experience will significantly help her to be a successful team member at Assister.ai.