Mike Shaver

Partner, Real Ventures

Mike has been building software and software teams for nearly 25 years, including operating systems, privacy software, web browsers, compilers, high-speed file systems, calendaring, and mobile applications. At Netscape he was a co-founder of the Mozilla project, and later ran Firefox product and engineering while driving forward industry standards from JavaScript to WebGL. Under his leadership Firefox grew from under 100M users to nearly 500M, and reinvented itself in the face of a dramatically changed competitive environment (Chrome). During five years at Facebook, Mike led the engineering side of Facebook's transformation from web to mobile, growing from an isolated team of 30 to nearly a thousand developers working on the core Facebook applications. He has also worked with Facebook's VR and AI teams, and in mobile security. Mike returned to Toronto in the summer of 2016 and joined Real Ventures, where he leads investments and helps companies grow their teams and products. Mike loves to mentor and coach, and is a staunch advocate of diversity in the workplace.