Kevin Mako

Founder and President, MAKO Design

Kevin is the Founder and President of the international product development firm MAKO Design. While attending one of the top business schools in North America, the Richard Ivey School of Business, Kevin incorporated the company in his third year at just 22 years old. Graduating as Class President with an additional specialization in Entrepreneurship, Kevin continued his education at the University of Hong Kong studying manufacturing and supply chain management. Using this rich wealth of experience, Kevin created the first firm in North America to offer product development services and has now transformed it into the largest consumer industrial design firm in Canada. The company provides home inventors and product developers with end-to-end development services that turn invention ideas into powerful businesses. MAKO Design is tremendously proud to be completely grass roots and organically built with zero financing needed throughout its tenure. With offices in Toronto, ON, Austin, TX, and the United Kingdom, Kevin focuses his time on progressing the product development industry through guest speaking engagements around North America, building robust strategic partnerships and advancing the development of entrepreneurship. Thanks to his unrivaled commitment to the design industry and the superior leadership of his team, his company has been named to the Entrepreneur 360 list in 2016 and the Inc 5000 list in 2017.